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St. Paul’s School Ankleshwar

(Managed by The Society of St. Basil)




Our School pays much attention to Co-Curricular activities such as 

(1) The House System

(3) The School Parliament

(2) Athletics and Games

(4) Computer Society

(5) Science Club

(6) Quiz Club

(7) Dance

(8) Music

9) Yoga


  • Set apart a fixed time for study at home, everyday including holidays.

  • Note down in your diary the work assigned by the teacher and do it neatly and diligently. Always date your home work.

  • No amount of private study or tuition can replace active listening in class.

  • Avoid Private Tuition as they generally reduce self confidence and encourage laziness.
  • Repeat your lessons with good companion, if possible. When studying by yourself, imagine you have to explain the lesson to another person.

  • Take notes when you read extra-books. Consult the dictionary often to improve your vocabulary.

  • Moderation in games, food and recreation is helpful to study.


  • Be always friendly and considerate towards others in and out of school.

  • Avoid vulgarity in talk and behavior.

  • Accept the work assigned and do it well.

  • Get up when any Priest, Teacher or Visitor enter any room in which you happen to be.

  • Respect the beauty of the school premises and report any damage which may be noticed.

  • Avoid dropping waste paper in the school premises and pick any such paper dropped by others.

  • Shun crowding round visitors.

  • Remember that it is harmful to health to buy eatables sold on the roadside.

  • Consider public property as your own property.

  • Pay respect to Constitution, National Flag, National Anthem and any National code of conduct.